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Growth + Homeostasis

Growth – the capacity to adapt creatively to change.

Homeostasis – the relative balance of our internal systems, the maintenance of optimal conditioning for any given situation.

Aware of it or not, in our efforts to navigate life, we’re constantly seeking to balance these two states. Both are necessary to function in the world; the former responding to negative feedback (“I’m cold, I’d better put something warm on!”), the latter to positive feedback (“I was cold a lot, running helped to improve my circulation!”) A few of the many methods we use to influence this balance include our diet, exercise, rest and sleep, social bonds, and trying out new hobbies and other creative ventures. Still, maintaining harmony within ourselves and with others can be tricky – too little change can lead to stagnation, while too much can be taxing on the nervous system, digestion, etc., upsetting our internal equilibrium.

Work + Life

Societally, we often hear this juggling act referred to as “work-life balance”. We look for it, we ask for it, but when it comes around to actually finding it, we sometimes find ourselves falling short of the mark. This is often due a common misconception that one tool will fulfill all of our self-care needs.

• Maybe you go on a diet. You shed a few pounds, but still lack energy.
• Maybe your work benefits include a gym membership. You diligently attend twice weekly, yet still feel stressed most of the time.
• Maybe you take up running, but have to stop soon after because of recurring knee pain.

If you’ve encountered these, or similar scenarios, then you may benefit from our services. We can help you in forming a manageable, result-oriented path to health and wellness through our offerings of yoga, movement study and shiatsu therapy.


Meeting you where you currently are, classes range from soothing restorative practices that can help to calm frayed nerves, to deeply meditative postural classes that work to balance both body and mind.

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Movement Study

Learning to “allow your body to move itself” provides the opportunity to create more easeful and efficient means of moving, preserving joint integrity and providing sustainability in both work and in play.

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A popular form of traditional Japanese therapeutic massage, Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and describes the rhythmic, systematic application of perpendicular pressure on various points on the body.

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