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My name is Ian, and I am currently inhabiting a 54-year-old body that is strong, mobile, and relatively pain-free. It wasn’t always that way. Beset with poor lifestyle habits and persistent and frequently debilitating low back pain through my 20s and into my mid-30s, I set out to educate myself and to find solutions. Some came from within, but I also needed help from others. The practices I sought out, that were the most effective for me – yoga, shiatsu therapy and movement study – are the services I have been providing since 2009.

While my offerings are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, my focus these days is primarily working with older bodies. Aging does not have to be the steep decline in strength and mobility we so often see; we can ease gracefully into our senior years. As we get older, our body and its capacities and needs all change. Maintaining muscle mass, bone density, joint health and integrity and a well-regulated nervous system can seem like a tall order, particularly if you are emerging from a sedentary lifestyle.

Adaptable & Sustainable Practices

I offer adaptive therapies designed to support you in what you enjoy – from your favourite activities to your recovery, downtime, and rest. No promises of quick fixes here – sustainable results require patience and persistence. The reward is inhabiting a body that is strong, mobile, and relatively pain-free, well into your later years.


Meeting you where you currently are, classes range from soothing restorative practices that can help to calm frayed nerves, to deeply meditative postural classes that work to balance both body and mind.

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Movement Study

Learning to “allow your body to move itself” provides the opportunity to create more easeful and efficient means of moving, preserving joint integrity and providing sustainability in both work and in play.

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A popular form of traditional Japanese therapeutic massage, Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and describes the rhythmic, systematic application of perpendicular pressure on various points on the body.

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